Learn The 7 blocks that prevent you from living your dream life...

... and how to overcome them to achieve more freedom, wealth and fulfillment.

  • Discover how to remove your conflicting values and align your actions and your goals
  • Find out how to remove conditioning blocks that prevent you to move forward in your life
  • Uncover the secrets to feel worthy of being your true self... And much more!

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Sumet Sumet, Marketing Executive, Bangkok

"With digestible examples and simple yet practical exercises, this is the the kind of book that you should be using as a life handbook. Whether you are a procrastinator or you have been struggling on what you’re meant to do in life, you will surely find yourself related to some part of the book."

Stephan Stephan, Fitness Coach, The Netherlands

"Bart is for me a living version of Wikipedia on several topics like lifestyle, business and self actualization. What really makes him unique is that he is sharing unlimited valuable information of others and brilliant strategies that he created by himself. I would definitely recommend Bart."