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Invest In Your Life with Personal Sessions!

Bart Personal Session Packages
Private Sessions with Bart focuses on supporting highly motivated clients who are dedicated to clearing their blocks and creating profound change in their lives. His schedule regularly books up months in advance. Sessions with Bart are 60 Minutes long each.

Benefits of working privately with Bart

  • Increased clarity and vision
  • Faster and easier results than working by yourself
  • Greater understanding of yourself and your life’s purpose
  • Healing your trauma’s
  • Letting go of your past
  • Getting a new perspective
  • Solving underlying causes of things that happened to you
  • Increased confidence
  • Achieve your previous blocked goals
  • Focused and personalized attention to your needs and goals


Option 1: Gold Private Session Package
This Coaching Package is ideal for people who want to integrate clearing on additional areas of their life, or those who just need a little tweak to create the shift they want.

6 Private Sessions for $1200

Special Gold Member Only Bonuses:
– Access to private Facebook page
– Gold Priority email responses to questions
– Full library of Bart’s audio and video programs



Option 2: Platinum Private Session Package
This Package is designed for people who are interested in a comprehensive shift in their energy and their life, with the opportunity to focus on many areas and emphasis on serious issues and blocks. The 3 Month Platinum Coaching Package is for people who are ready for serious, profound and sometime drastic shift on an accelerated time line.

10 Private Sessions for $2000

Special Platinum Member Only Bonuses:
– Access to private Facebook page
– Platinum Priority Response to Emails
– Full library of Bart’s audio and video programs



Option 3: Starters Session
If you have a specific (smaller) issue that you wish to heal, this is a great option.

1 Private Session for $300

No bonuses 

About Bart Milatz

As a teacher and practical therapist, Bart Milatz is on a mission to help people heal their past, so they can truly live in the present moment and transform their future. His sessions are practical, non-judgmental and gives people hope and a new outlook on their past and future.

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