Hello! I'm Bart Milatz
When I was 24, I contracted a live threatening illness that forced me out of the country I was living in and left me depressed, addicted to drugs, and nearly dead. I turned it all around by starting to love and value myself more fully and now I want to help you do the same.

If you're a professional and have been hit with a massive challenge that has you in a similar spot, I'd love to connect with you and help you avoid atrocity and make your life into something amazing. 
Download: The 7 Blocks That Prevent You From Living Your Dream Life
And how to overcome them, so you can live with more freedom, wealth and fulfilment. 

Client Love ❤️


I used to have a lot of issues about abundance. I believed that rich people are bad and that it is greedy to have more money. 

After consulting with Bart I found that money is simply one of the many forms of exchanging value for value. Now I understand how to use money and how to attract abundance in my life that I am able to share with others as well.

Phantipa Kate

After having finished Bart’s program my attitude towards wealth and abundance has improved a lot. Every day is more beautiful for me. 

My business as a wedding planner is doing much better because I removed a lot of subconscious blocks that stopped me from getting new clients for a long time. Now I am aware how to remove these blocks and allow more abundance and money into my life.


Of all the judgmental counselors I’ve ever met, Bart is nothing like them. He comforts my consults with warm smiling, exploring and insert insights to my problems. We have mapped out my troubled mind, hidden matters, and most importantly how to cope with my loss positively. After many years of wandering, meeting him has unleashed the truths behind the pains. Looking forward to meeting with him again.

Jo Barker

After my session with Bart:
✅ He made me feel at ease and took me on an organic journey of exploring my feelings, around the benefits of my teenage experiences 
✅ He helped me to see the benefits of certain wounds that were still buried in my sub-conscious and playing out in my not enough patterns and program.
✅ Bart enabled me to feel deep emotions, bring them to the surface and ask where my voids and values live!? 
✅ I went from being in head to more in my heart to my solar plexus and shift energy to feel more present and excited about the future.
✅ It reflects back to me everyday that I am enough – if I repeat it often enough – I will come to believe it.
😇 We even ended up brain 🧠 storming about ideas 💡 for my coaching business.

Stephen Price

I first met Bart in Fiji in 2011 and was instantly drawn to his amazing presence! I was impressed to learn that by 22 he was a published author and speaker, world traveler, fluent in 4 languages at the time (now 5) and so incredibly positive yet humble that I knew I needed to learn more about him. Today, I am proud to say that I’m both a friend and student of his! 

Bart’s ability to bring out the best of someone is a very special gift! He has personally helped me reach a potential I didn’t even know was possible! I’m extremely grateful for his guidance, knowledge and experience that he has passed on to me both in person and through his books, seminars and audio/video programs! Thanks Bart!


Bart is for me a living version of Wikipedia on several topics like lifestyle, business and self actualization. What really makes him unique is that he is sharing unlimited valuable information of others and brilliant strategies that he created by himself. I would definitely recommend Bart.

Clay Green

You just inspired the sh*t out of me!

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