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Here's What Others Are Saying About Bart Milatz:

"I love Bart's classes and programs! He's very inspirational, easy to follow and seems to be an endless fountain of information!

So many programs today are full of fluff, overly complicated or the instructor doesn't seem authentic. Bart is extremely authentic, energetic and actually responds to my questions! How many high end, professionals out there actually do that? I've yet to meet any except for Bart! Brilliant!

Worth every dollar, I highly recommend all of his programs!

Stephen Price

Business Owner, Canada

"Bart is a living version of Wikipedia on several topics like lifestyle, business and self-actualisation. 

What really makes him unique is that he is sharing unlimited valuable information of others and brilliant strategies he created by himself. 

I would definitely recommend Bart."


Fitness Coach, The Netherlands

"Off all the judgmental counselors I've ever met, Bart is nothing like them. He comforts my consult with warm smiling, exploring and insert insights to my problems. 

We mapped out my troubled mind, hidden matters and most importantly how to cope with my loss positively. After many years of wandering, meeting him has unleashed the truth behind my pain. 

I'm looking forward to meeting with him again."


Business Owner, Thailand

the whole inside us out now! 

What other say about this book:

"People who read this book now have the advantage of learning through Bart & Monique’s struggles and experiences that they can shave off years of unnecessary perceptions of pain." 

- Dr. John Demartini