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Introducing the 30-Day Abundance Journey

Hi, I'm Bart Milatz. 

I'm a qualified accountant and teacher and have spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on my personal growth journey. Here is why. 

As a kid I grew up with a lot of fears around money. My dad often complained about his clients who wouldn't pay or manipulated him in doing extra work for free. 

He said: "Rich people are bad! Rich people are greedy!"

I also often heard: "Bart, make sure that you work hard, otherwise you will never make it." I was put to work from a young age with toxic fumes, asbestos and sawdust. It was disgusting and I wanted to get out of it. 

I started to work more and save everything I made. Again I was being criticised by my dad: "Bart, are you so scared you don't have enough? Why are you keeping all your money?! You're so greedy!" He was even singing a song about this. 

As a result I grew up with a scarcity mindset:

  • Rich people are bad 
  • Money is hard to get
  • You're greedy if you want money
  • You have to work hard for money 
  • There is never enough 
  • Make sure you have a secure job that pays a salary 
  • Get good grades so you get a good job 

Have you ever heard these things around money growing up? These are beliefs from people with a scarcity mindset... If you grew up hearing this it is likely you have a scarcity mindset as well. 

This scarcity mindset had enslaved me as well... 

Until one day I received my HIV-diagnosis. My world felt apart. I became depressed and thought I was going to die. Most of my friends left me and most of my family stopped talking with me. 


Every cloud has a silver lining. 

I started to take control of my life. 

  • $1000 to see Kylie Minogue in concert in the front row? Done. 
  • Another $1000 to see Beyonce in concert in the front row the next week? Booked. 
  • A weekend in the Hilton or B&B? Do I need to say it? 
  • Flying business class to Thailand? Done! (Although it was so comfortable I felt asleep straight away and woke up in Bangkok without having had anything to enjoy!) 

Before I would never even dream of spending money on myself. But this diagnosis woke me up from sleepwalking through life, listening to other people and staying stuck to my conditioning that no longer serves. 

I learned that my traditional education (I went to university, have a Bachelor in Business) is pretty much useless. I was learned theory after theory just to pass the exams and to get a degree. 

I needed to reeducate myself. 

Have you ever felt this way, that the traditional educational system failed you and didn't teach you what you would have loved and really needed in your life? 

I went to a multi-speaker seminar in Australia of a dozen or so successful people who were all financially free. They were sharing their story on stage and at the end of their speech would sell some sort of product. 

Here is where I made my first mistake. 

I bought them all! I was so in my get "rich quick mode" that I didn't want to lose out. I bought real estate courses, forex courses, internet marketing courses, drop shipping courses, eBay courses, MLM and so much more. 

Have you ever fallen in the "Get rich quick" scheme and ended up with nothing? 

I was broke again and people around me laughed me and said: "I told you so that doesn't work! You need to get a secure job to make money!" 

I had to change my life again. 

I was living in Thailand at the time where foreigners are not allowed to work in finance or accounting. 

Have you ever been in that boat? You lost your momentum, your business or your job and start from zero again? People with an abundance mindset don't mind this at all and always find a way...

I became a qualified teacher to teach English at school and for employees to pass their TOEFL exams. 

I loved teaching and saw this as an opportunity to also teach life skills that I missed when I was at school. I taught how to make visions boards, how to set goals, how to solve problems, how to stay healthy and so much more. 

Although I didn't make much as a teacher, I was living an abundant lifestyle. 

I had a massage and spa day every week. I ate amazing food every day. I went to  the beach every couple of weeks for a weekend. It was an incredible lifestyle. 

How often do you treat yourself well? How often do you go out for dinner without looking at the price? Or give yourself a 3-hour massage rather than looking for the cheapest 30-min massage? 

The funny thing is that out of the blue I got calls to be featured in magazines, newspapers and tv-shows. 

I got corporate clients who asked me to train their teams to pass their English exams for tens of thousands of dollars (which is a lot, especially in Thailand!).

People with an abundance mindset draw people to them: customers, students, teachers, like-minded friends. They realise that there is plenty to go around. 

The world needs people with an abundant mindset today. People who generate high levels of wealth and who feel abundant will share it. People in a scarcity mindset who just work hard for money and save it for themselves cannot help others. 

Imagine having that 3-hour massage and pay Judy $300. She then buys groceries, books and a nice gift for her mum worth $300. Store owner Michael then buys a bike for $300. Jack who owns the bike store buys his team lunch for $300. 

I hope you get the point! Every $1 in the hands of an abundant person turns into tens of thousands of dollars through the economy and the world (the multiplier effect), whereas $1 in the hands of a person with a scarcity mindset stays pretty much the same. 

Back in 2018 I decided to move to London and see if I can make it there as well. It is easy to do well in a country where everything is cheap right? 

If I could make it in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, during and after Brexit, I could make it anywhere! 

I left all my money in an account in Thailand so I couldn't cheat. 

The first couple of months were tough  

Currently I live in London a beautiful 2-bedroom apartment overlooking the city with my beautiful partner. 

I can hear you asking: "But Bart, where is your Lamborghini and where is your mansion?"

Good question. Do you remember I told you about the multi-speaker event where I bought everything? 

Most speakers sold their program to me by showing off what they had, their luxury cars and mansions indeed. I'm sure you have seen something like that before... 

But that's not abundance to me. I don't like to drive cars. I don't like to live in a big house. I wanted to live in a beautiful 2-bed, 2bathroom apartment overlooking London and manifested this within a short few weeks of asking the universe for it. 

People who have to show off cars and houses and yachts to feel abundant actually live in scarcity. And people who buy their products are soon parted with their money and end up broke. 

They are often on expensive monthly payments plans or they just rented the car to make some pictures to show off. And the occasional person who is wealthy enough to afford all of that doesn't need it to show his or her wealth.

It is time for you to change your life and make the decision to live in abundance rather than scarcity. 

How do you do this and where do you get started? 

I would love to hold your hand on this journey as I wish someone had truly helped me on my journey. I felt like I had to figure out everything the hard way, by getting the diagnosis, by losing all my money and having to start from zero. 

I would love to help you!

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Doesn't Money Buy Happiness?

That's partly true.. BUT!

Not having money doesn't buy happiness either! This is a typical statement by people with a scarcity mindset who have given up on their goal to be wealthy and abundant and then say something like that... 

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Raise Your Money Vibrations

Stop living paycheque to paycheque

Get untuck when it comes to your money

Have more choices and freedom in your life 

Get ready for the new world economy even in new lockdowns 

Start having more choices in your life 

Help yourself, loved ones and others 

Start living by design and lead by example!

What People Say


"Feeling contracted around money, feeling there is not enough, feeling like what I have might disappear. Having to actively make myself relax about money so it can flow." 


"I attended the money workshop with Jo, Bart & Amande and absolutely loved it. They provided a safe space to share and explore our money stories. The meditation was very powerful and shifted a lot for me."


"Last few days have been interesting... Some big shifts happening around love and money... The sale is progressing nicely!"

"Amanda is a skilful and caring healer. She intuitively knows where you need assistance and not only provides healing but provides tools to you to continue that healing onward. A great listener and empath who is calm and wholly committed to the best possible money outcomes"


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Who is this 30-day program for? 

If you're looking to raise your money, get unstuck around money and empower your relationship with money, help your loved ones, get out of debt and shake off the scarcity mindset that kept you stuck for so long, then this program will help you to step into abundance and erasing the blocks that are holding you back from the money outcomes you want. 

Why do you charge for this program, if you were really rich, you don't need more money?

This thinking is a symptom of having a scarcity and poverty mindset. I value my products and services and I know that you wouldn't value it if it was free. 90% of my stuff is for free on YouTube and Social Media. If you get triggered by other people charging for their products, I would do a clearing around self-worth and your mindset around selling, which actually means caring. Programs I did myself that I paid for I found myself taking more seriously and finishing, as I was invested in my outcome. I wish the same for you as well with this program. 

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