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1-1 Mentoring

I work with highly committed people who really want to make improvements and shifts in their life. 

help you through my signature 6-8 week 1-1 confidential mentoring program. 


In my online programs I teach you how to create a life worth living, one area of your life at a time! 

You can study at the comfort of your own home in my bite-sized and practical classes. 


Hire me as a speaker or trainer for your event, mastermind or group for inspiration, insight and action-triggered motivation. 


"I had a coaching session with Bart Milatz where he gave me a better understanding as to: 

- The priority I give to some (without realising I'm doing it) 

- Why some of my intentions are set time after time and never materialise.

I'm looking forward to setting my new intentions in a different mindset. Thank you Bart!" 

Noreen Copping

United Kingdom

"I've now realised that I have been focusing on priorities that have helped me to avoid my life goals. 

I really hasn't considered this a thing until speaking with him. 

I am truly grateful for this insight!"

Lou Davey

United Kingdom

"Off all the judgmental counselors I've ever met, Bart is nothing like them. He comforts my consult with warm smiling, exploring and insert insights to my problems. 

We mapped out my troubled mind, hidden matters and most importantly how to cope with my loss positively. After many years of wandering, meeting him has unleashed the truth behind my pain. 

I'm looking forward to meeting with him again."



"✅ He helped me to see the benefits of certain wounds that were still buried in my sub-conscious and playing out in my not enough patterns and program.

😇 We even ended up brain 🧠 storming about ideas 💡 for my coaching business.

 Personally I would get your sessions as soon as you can!"

Jo Barker

United Kingdom

"In just one hour he changed my whole perception around an issue that had been dragging on for years.

Plus I now have more awareness/understanding around something we didn't even discuss!!

I was a reluctant 'coachee', not really wanting to talk about some stuff, but Bart was so gentle, so reassuring, so respectful, that in fact I felt like I could tell him anything."


United Kingdom

"Bart’s technique of questioning by joining the dots, coupled with his intuition helped me to see a simple yet profound perspective. 

Action taking became less difficult. 

Bart’s energy and personality shine through his work which enables you to feel comfortable and empowered. 

Thanks Bart!"

Shamita Kumar

United Kingdom