5. Own your Career Experience


Many professionals are afraid to apply for upwards jobs because they feel they don’t have the required experience.

Action Steps

1. What experience is required from this role or the next role?
2. What form is your experience in?
3. How is your form of experience a benefit to your employer?
4. Are you now certain you have that required experience? If not, repeat step 1-3.

Course Lessons

1. How to turn your low-paying job into a highly-paid career

How to become part of the 2% of professionals who have a highly-paid career.

2. Why do you want to increase your salary?

Discover your personal reasons to get multiple payrises.

3. What do you really, really, really want from your career?

What's important to you in addition to payrises?

4. Make yourself More Powerful

Most courses only teach you to ask your manager for a raise. But what are the other options available to you?

5. Own your Career Experience

Many professionals are afraid to apply for upwards jobs because they feel they don’t have the required experience.

6. How to get paid 50% MORE over 10 years

The longer you stay with a company, the LESS chances you have of getting pay rises!

7. Dress for the career & pay you want

Who would you trust more & give a payrise to: an accountant in a suit or an accountant in t-shirt & flip flops?

8. The 2 main factors that determine your pay cheque

The highest paid professions require specialised knowledge and have a high replacement value

9. Move from task-based to results-based

Your results are the things you did which made a positive impact and contribution to your employer’s business. The skills and knowledge you'd need to perform your everyday work duties don’t count.

10. Research your Industry

The more you know about your industry, the more power you have over your payrises

11. What is your REAL income per hour?

Most people have no idea what their real income is.

12. The reality of getting payrises – opportunity cost

Is your payrise really worth it?

13. Different forms of Payrises

Not all payrises come in the form of cash.

14. How to work hard AND smart to create win-wins

Why you MUST create process efficiencies

15. Go the extra mile

You’re probably wondering: You’re a good employee. You do your job. You do good work. You are a good person. Yet you haven’t received a payrise yet. Why is that?

16. Become more valuable

The best way to get a payrise in your current role is by becoming more valuable. Here's how to do that.

17. Record your hours, achievements & promises

If your career is worth a payrise, it’s worth recording!

18. Be enthusiastic and professional

The reason you will get most of your jobs & pay rises is because of your enthusiasm and positive energy.

19. 80% of getting payrises is mindset, 20% is strategy

Most people never ask for a pay rise nor apply for better jobs because they lack confidence and the mindset.

20. What to do when things get rough

What do you do during tough times like Covid, lockdowns, recessions, industry changed and others?

21. When to leave your company

You'll discover the red flags both in your company and personal red flags

22. The Worth-Quadrant: Own your Self-Worth

Low self-worth = poverty, working hard for nothing and barely getting by. High self-worth = pay-rises, wealth and thriving!

23. The formulae for a wealthy career

Formulae for a Wealthy Career = High self-worth + High other-worth

24. When you are starting from nothing / the bottom

What do you do when you're fresh out of school / relocating / not where you want to be?

25. Expand your Network

No man is an island. Having a professional network can help you get pay rises and more opportunities

26. Be visible in your desired industry

You'll discover the best ways to become visible in your industry

27. How to ask for a raise

Never just ask for a raise out of the blue - here's the right way to do it

28. Always overprepare & especially for Interviews

Here's how to over prepare for pay rises, performance reviews and interviews

29. What if you “fail”?

There is NO failure! Only if you let it stop you.

30. Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement

As you move from a job into a career, you have the BEST and MOST opportunities for stability and growth.

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