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For the professional who wants to increase their income and create a life on their terms - being able to enjoy multiple holidays a year without the financial stress and piles of debt...

Are you tired of living paycheque to paycheque, barely making ends needs and not living the life that you deserve?

Hi! My name is Bart Milatz and I was just like you. 

I vividly remember being in the office. It was Friday afternoon and I was staring at the clock; waiting for it to hit 5pm so I could go home and enjoy the weekend! 

I was an accountant and my job was to balance the books and make sure that the company I worked for made a profit every month and was cashflow positive

Staring at the clock made me realise that my life was the complete opposite: I was living paycheque to paycheque, I didn't know where my money went and there was nothing left at the end of the month! 

Right there and then I decided I had to do something about it. I didn't want to be known as the broke accountant!

I did what I thought would give me wealth & freedom. I studied hard to get another degree, worked three jobs while studying and I sublet my 2-bedroom apartment. 

BUT: I still had nothing to show for it! I was living in a shared house with very little money nor wealth to my name. 

That's when I decided that I need to change my habits around money & wealth. That's when I had an AH HA momentI was working hard for money, but I still felt poor: I had a poor person's mindset!

The first thing I tried was going to a seminar. However, the problem I found was that it was mostly about positive thinking; being in a peak state and jumping up and down; filling my mind with more and more "stuff" and "fluff". 

I went to more and more seminars, most of which were doing the same thing. I started to lose hope... 

Until I learned that I needed to change my mindset, without which I wouldn't able to change my wealth situation

After I got massive results, people started to ask me for help. Take a look at what my teaching has done for others: 

Useful Course

"I needed more knowledge on how to properly save which I gained from this course. 

Also, I would never have thought that your self-worth could affect your bank account!"


Elena Murphy

More Knowledge

"Great course. Very clear and exactly what I was looking for. 

Bart explains everything very well."


Prudence Governor

Very Helpful

"I like the practical and psychological concepts. 

They link together well."

Maera Mullen

After going through this experience, I realised the problem was that I focused on learning new strategies and tactics rather than changing my psychology. 

I had a poor person's mindset trying to 'do' wealthy instead of 'becoming' wealthy (it even sounds kind of silly doesn't it!). 

I realised it wasn't my fault! All these years of failure I was missing at least half of the wealth equation. No wonder I wasn't becoming wealthy!


When I figured out the mindset of a wealthy person, I was finally able get the results I deserved.  

I started to make improvements in my life really FAST: Within a short time I got 5 payrises, bought my dream apartment in London and created multiple streams of income. 

    But the most important thing: I felt wealthy from the inside rather than having to depend on this feeling from looking at the outside, like from looking at my bank account or job title. 

    And that's why I created this program - to help YOU achieve the same. It took me over a decade to develop through trial and error,  but it was totally worth it! 

    Mastering Your Money requires:



    Everyone knows how to make more money: you work harder, you save, you build a business, you invest... But you likely don't do what's required because you don't have the psychology of wealth building. This is what 99% of the population is missing.

    Strategies do play a role to become a master of money. On how to increase your income, on how to pay your bills. On how to invest. You need to implement proven money strategies consistently to see results. 

    In this jam-packed program you will discover:

    My 3 C's framework to help you manifest wealth & abundance
    How to overcome inner conflicts between your wealth vision and your unconscious mind
    Aligning your values with your wealth vision for maximum success & fulfilment 
    The steps you MUST complete before you actually attract money
    How to clear the fear that stops you broke & in poverty 
    How to improve your relationship with money
    What is stopping you from receiving abundance 
    How to stay focused and inspired on your wealth vision
    Why having the right mindset 10x your changes of financial success 
    The 4-step process of transforming your wealth goals into physical reality 
    How to take back control of your money
    And much more!

    Over the last decade I invested over $300,000 in personal growth programs around psychology, money and wealth building. 

    Because I went through all the pain of trial and error - by testing out what works on myself and my clients - you don't have to go through all of that pain! This program covers proven & practical strategies and leaves out what doesn't work. 

    Don't just take my word for it:

    Make More Money

    Before I did this course,  I had a lot of issues around money.  I was in debt and I didn't know where to start to manage my money.  

    Now I have finished this course I have a clear plan to get out of debt,  I understand how money works better and I know how to manage it.  

    I highly recommend this course for anyone who want to make more money and who want to learn how to manage their money well and in a fun way!



    Great Value

    "Great value for young people how want to plan and know how finance manage can help grow another perspective."


    Tim Sarathip

    Worth Every Dollar

    "So many programs today are full of fluff, overly complicated or the instructor doesn't seem authentic. 

    Bart is extremely authentic, energetic and actually responds to my questions!

    Worth every dollar, I highly recommend all of his programs."


    Rachel Isobel Weber

    Course 1: The Psychology of Wealth Building (£ 497 value)

    7 online modules to develop the psychology that's needed to grow your wealth

    1. Expand your Money Comfort Zone - or stay broke
    2. The Psychology of Wealth - what it will take
    3. Authentic Wealth Building - don't just follow someone else's blueprint for wealth
    4. The Worth Quadrant - it's not only about you
    5. Values & Voids - the keys to be congruent with your money
    6. My SIS-Formulae for Wealth Building - people who don't follow this stay poor
    7. The 2 Destroyers of Wealth - know your money enemy before it 'kills' you

    Course 2: Strategies for Mastering your Money (£ 497 value)

    7 online modules full with effective wealth-building strategies

    1. Why is everyone broke?
    2. Reasons come first, answers second 
    3. The 7 laws of managing your money wisely 
    4. How to become wealthy 
    5. The 7 money mistakes to avoid and what to do about them 
    6. How to increase your income 
    7. The 7 habits of effective money management 

    BONUS 1: Forgiveness Vol 1 & 2

    The main thing that stops people from building wealth is guilt & shame... 

    Most people carry with them tremendous emotional baggage that stops them from building wealth, or they sabotage their success when they have it. These two meditations will help you to let go of the guilt and shame: because the truth is that everything in life serves a purpose. The good, the bad and the ugly! 

      BONUS 2: Meditations for Manifesting Wealth & Abundance

      This bonus incudes 3x15 minutes guided meditations designed to help you focus on manifesting wealth.

      1. Morning Meditation for Manifesting Abundance, Wealth & Prosperity 

      2. Evening Meditation for Manifesting Abundance, Wealth & Prosperity 

      2. Hypnotherapy for Manifesting Abundance, Wealth & Prosperity 

        Total value so far: 

        1. The Psychology of Wealth Building (£497 Value)
        2. Strategies for Mastering your Money  (£497 Value)
        3. Forgiveness Vol. 1 & 2  (£99 Value) 
        4. Meditations for Manifesting Wealth (£99 Value)

        Total Value: £1,192

          Imagine feeling wealthy and the impact this has on your finances, your health and your relationships.

          Imagine how much you can finally make happen in your life: 1 month from now, 1 year from now: In just a short while you will finally live the life of your dreams. 


          Click the button below and you will be taken to fill out the checkout section. Then you will be taken to the course homepage. Make sure you save this page in your browser! 

          This page will have all the details of the course: the link to the download page with the courses and bonuses - PLUS some extra bonuses that are not on this page 🙂 

          For those who are already signing up, this is what's going to happen next. As soon as you submit your order, you'll be taken to a page where you can create your account. When you get to the member's area, the first thing you should do is watch the short introduction video with all the information you need to get started. 

          You see, it doesn’t matter to us if you sing up right now or not. We'll still be going about our daily business and hitting our financial goals with absolute certainty - whether you join our team or not.

          However, without our help you'll ALWAYS be working harder than you really need to. I know it sounds kind of harsh, but I think you'll agree that it's true. 


            I've packed a lot into this program and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you 30 days to let it digest, integrate it into your daily life, and make sure this is really working for you.

            Try the entire course. 30 days is enough time to take the course twice and then decide. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I'll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

            It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself. If the powerful exercises and scripts don't help improve your life in 30 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the exercises, and I'll give you all your money back.

            This guarantee lasts 30 days, which completely covers the course. That means you can try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it's right for you.

            Become wealthy in all areas of your life!

            Wonderful Positive Energy

            "I love that the instructor addressed not only financial struggles but also the mental ones that influence how we spend our money. 

            I found those exercises to be the most helpful! 

            Thank you so much, Bart, for your wonderful positive energy and great teaching!"

            Sierra Archer

            Easy to Understand

            "I got this course, because I want to learn how to manage my money. 

            At school I have never learned about this. Bart helped me to understand how to manage my money, so I can save and spend more money. 

            The course is very useful for me and easy to understand. Thank you very much!"


            Increased My Income

            "Before the course I had many struggles around money. I was in debt, didn't save money and I was stuck.  

            After doing Bart's course I learned new and innovative ways to manage my money,  to get out of debt and to increase my income. 

            I also started to save money for the first time in my life.  Thank you very much for teaching this course."

            Kittisak Phochew

            Remember, when you start today you will get:

            1. The Psychology of Wealth Building (£497 Value)
            2. Strategies for Mastering your Money  (£497 Value)
            3. Forgiveness Vol. 1 & 2  (£99 Value) 
            4. Meditations for Manifesting Wealth (£99 Value)

            Total Value: £1,192

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              "What if I fall behind?"

              Don't worry about falling behind — each video is distilled down to just the "bite-sized" essentials and includes specific examples so you can spend your time taking action instead of reviewing tons of content

              Master Your Money! also comes with lifetime access so you can take a break from the material if you'll be out of town, on vacation, or just get swamped for a few days. You'll have this resource for life. It will always be there when you're ready.

              "I don't want this to become yet another thing on my to-do list…"

              The last thing we need is another thing to juggle. This isn't another set of to-dos you’ll have to force yourself to find extra time for. 

              Master your Money is a condensed, at-your-own-pace, transformational program.

              I recommend spending 2 hours a week on this course for maximum benefit. You can also download the audio's to listen to on your phone, or watch the video's — whatever's easiest for you. 2 hours is my guideline, but because this comes with lifetime access, you can go faster or slower if you want.

              "How long will this course take?"

              This course is a buffet: pick and choose the lessons you like and take as much time as you want. Remember, you have life-time access so can always look back over things. 

              "Is this another Get Rich Quick Scheme?"

              Absolutely not! I don't actually teach you strategies to make money as these change all the time. I teach you have to cultivate a mindset for wealth, so you can actually start taking action on the opportunities that will make you wealthy, based on your own experience and unique skillset. 

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