Are you currently not where you want to be? 

You're struggling with addiction(s) and compulsive behaviour. You're sabotaging yourself. 

You're not the kind of person that you know you can be. You know that you  have so much more to give!

You feel stuck and want to break free from your baggage... But you don't know where to begin... 

"I knew I could be so much more and I had so much more to give. I needed someone to help me unlock that potential and Bart really did that for me. I highly recommend working with him."

- Claire Gosteli, Thailand

Hi! I'm Bart Milatz

I have had my fair share of baggage to deal with: 

- growing up with a suicidal mother

- multiple addictions

- being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness

- financial mess

 and more... 

Life can be tough if you don't have the (non-judgmental) support you need. I'm so inspired to be that mentor for you.

"Of all the judgmental counsellors I've ever met, Bart is nothing like them. After many years of wandering, meeting him has unleashed the truth behind my pain and how to deal with my loss positively."

- Pun, Thailand

What is Breaking Free?  

Breaking Free is my integrated system designed to create breakthrough results for those who want to let go of their baggage and get more out of life.

You're the hero on your own journey. I'm 

 here to help you connect the dots and break free. 

"Bart's technique of questioning by joining the dots, coupled with his intuition helped me to see a simple, yet profound perspective. Action taking became less difficult."

- Shamita Kumar, United Kingdom

The 3 Steps of Breaking Free

Step 1
step 2
step 3


You need to know what keeps you stuck and why

An experienced mentor can help you increase your awareness by offering you valuable insights and practical action steps "out of the woods". 

Connecting the Dots

The next step is to connect the dots between the root cause of your issue and what keeps you stuck today: 

Whether you're in a financial mess, suffering from addictive behaviour or having trouble in your relationships: connecting the dots allows you to get to the source of your issue, so you can clear what stops you. 


After you have awareness and connected the dots you start to heal the pain of your past.

A mentor like myself will provide you with a range of tools and strategies to help you break free from your baggage.

Then you can truly unlock the potential that you know you have!

"In just one hour he changed my whole perception around an issue that had been dragging on for years!"

- Rachel Weber, United Kingdom