Rachel I. W.

Posted on: October 21st, 2019

I didn’t know much about life coaching so I jumped at the chance to have a session. Wow, just wow! 

I didn’t know Bart Milatz to begin with, but now I am a firm fan. And yes, I can be on the critical side! 

✅ He is incredible, in just one hour he changed my whole perception around an issue that had been dragging on for years.

✅ Plus I now have more awareness/understanding around something we didn’t even discuss!!

✅ I was a reluctant ‘coachee’, not really wanting to talk about some stuff, but Bart was so gentle, so reassuring, so respectful, that in fact I felt like I could tell him anything. 

✅ The perfect mix of listening, insights, stories (my own and his) and humour.

He kept the session light even around difficult topics. Thank you so much!!!

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