As a wage slave I experienced many drawbacks. For example, I found the income to be really low for the amount of value that I was providing. As a wage slave I felt “comfortable” in a weird way.  This comfort slowly killed my dreams. Being a wage slave should be a stepping stone to something better, instead of the end.

In this week’s podcast I share with you the top 4 drawbacks that I experienced as a wage slave:

  1. You’re disposable> It is a really high risk to have a job.  A job is a red ocean. Hundreds of people apply for the same position. Competition. Limited budget from company for salaries.
  2. Will never ever be rich, slow and low promotions> pay the highest taxes and highest expenses as a wage-slave
  3. No fulfillment> comfort kills your dreams slowly.
  4. Tired, you wake up early, work all day, half an hour for lunch, stuck in commute> Staying stuck, same place, same people, same procedures

What are some of the drawbacks that you experience as a wage slave? Share it in the comments below!

Listen to the full podcast here:



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