Why People Get Sick & How to HEAL Yourself!

Posted on: December 10th, 2018

Welcome to the 3rd episode of the Lifestyle Breakthroughs podcast on why people get sick and how to heal yourself! You can listen to the episode on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts, or you can read the episode below. Enjoy!

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Welcome to episode 3: why people get sick and how to heal yourself quickly!

Just to make a disclaimer before hand: if you have any serious illness please consult your doctor before you make some radical changes. This podcast doesn’t guarantee you to cure anything, although this could be a really pleasant side effect.

I believe that every single illness has a bigger purpose. The purpose can be simply your body giving you feedback about an action to stop taking or a new action to take or it can be something bigger. A couple of years ago my ear started to hurt a lot. Every day it got worse and worse and it really hurt. 

One day I couldn’t take it any longer, so what does one do? I went to the doctor. This was on a Friday morning. So Friday morning I went into the doctors office and he looked into my ear. And he could see a hole in my eardrum. And he said: Bart this is kind of serious so you better go to the hospital to check it out with a specialist. 

So on Friday afternoon I went to the specialist at the hospital. The specialist looked into my ear with a tiny camera and I could see the hole in my eardrum on the television screen. And it was quite a big hole. 

He said: Bart this is really serious as you can see on the television screen. You need to come back for surgery, unfortunately we are occupied today but can you come back on Monday. And he explained what the procedure will be. On Monday they would cut a little piece of skin elsewhere for my body and glue it on my eardrum. He said it’s going to hurt a lot, it takes over six months to heal, there is no guarantee of success and it’s going to be really expensive. So I said thank you for cheering me up and help and OK yeah I guess I will be back on Monday for this surgery.

But before Monday I still had Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. I thought there must be a quicker way to heal myself. I kept asking myself: why am I sick & how can I heal myself. And then I had an inspirational thought: every disease is created by your body as a feedback mechanism. So I mentioned as I’m walking on the street and I heard this voice in my head going: OK you get a hole in your eardrum because your body wants to tell you something. 

I asked a follow-up question: What does my body want to tell me? 

And again I received an answer in my mind: Well duh of course your ear is about hearing and listening. There is a hole in it.

It started to make sense to me now. There is a hole in my ear drum, there must be something I’m not hearing or not listening to… Tell me body, what is it I am not hearing?

My body told me that I’m not listening to myself. It just made total sense! During this period in my life I was listening to every single person around me. I was listening to the news, I was listening to my family, I was listening to my friends and the business I was working for. I was listening to every single person around me BUT not to myself. I wasn’t listening to the dreams that I had. I wasn’t listening to the inspiration that I was receiving. I wasn’t listening to my inner voice. And the more I ignored that inner voice, the more my ear gave me feedback in this beautifully designed way. 

On Saturday and Sunday I thanked my body in meditation. I said: I love you so much for giving me this feedback. I will listen to myself from now on. You’re amazing to give me this feedback. Thank you, I love you. 

And the hurt started to go away. On Monday I still went to the hospital for surgery. And guess what happened. The surgeon looked into my ear with the camera before the surgery. I am honest to God the whole whole was gone and healed. He asked me: Am I playing tricks on him? And of course I said: I’m not, can’t you see the pictures from Friday? So he looked them up and compared them. And there’s nothing there. And he said: Sorry, you don’t need surgery, it is better you just go. And he was kind of angry that I wasted his time. 

And I told him what I just told you on what I did for the weekend to heal myself. And he said: No, no, no, that’s impossible, it’s probably just an error because you know, even with surgery it’ll take six months to heal. Obviously he wasn’t ready to hear me. 

I know it’s a long story and I hope you can get the essence of it and relate it to your own life. 

Why do people get sick? I don’t know, you can ask yourself this question whenever YOU get sick. Don’t look at why other people get sick, because you don’t know their situation, their level of consciousness or background. 

Here are 3 things that you can do to heal yourself:

  1. Have a conversation with your illness. Don’t ignore it, because I found whatever you suppress, gets expressed. The first few days that my ear started to hurt, I ignored it… and the hurt got bigger and more. So don’t ignore it, but acknowledge it’s there. Imagine that it’s a person that you can talk with and ask questions. And do that: ask questions. If you ask a great question, your disease will respond with a great answer. The opposite is true too, ask a shit question and you get a shit answer. Why am I so fat? Because you’re a pig! Bad question. A good question will be: how can I get in great shape and enjoy the process? And you will get a better answer. 
  2. Take responsibility, which is simple the ability to choose an empowering response. What is your response to your disease? Blaming others? Running to the doctor to give you some pills? Or listening to your beautifully designd and intelligent body and listen to what it tries to tell you? Even if this means changing some habits. 
  3. Follow common sense health practices. Common sense is not always practice, do you agree? 

Here are a couple of common sense things that I found helped improve my health a lot. 

  1. Drink plenty of water. Not coffee, not soda, just plain water. It’s common sense! Your body is over 70% water, even your bones consist of water. So drink plenty of water all day to help your body detoxify and stay health. 
  2. Go on a plant based diet. I learned this from reading so many scientific journals and books on the benefits of a plant based diet. A couple of times a year I check my blood and this one time my results were just horrible: high cholesterol, low Cd4 levels, which is basically how many immune cells are there to fight for you. So I did the process: I talked to my body and had a conversation. I asked my body: What is my blood about and why is the test so bad? And my body answered: your blood is about life. It brings life throughout your body in the form of oxygen, nutrition. I asked: but I’m healthy. I eat a balanced diet, I exercise. So why isn’t it healthy? Again, I received an answer: if your blood is about life and health, why do you feed it death animals and bacteria’s? What happens if you put rotting death flesh into alive and vibrant blood? That’s right, you destroy it slowly. Don’t get my wrong, your blood is strong and works hard to keep you healthy, but that’s why the test results showed this. And it was a tough wake-up call for me. I had meat every day, everyone around me had meat, every dish in restaurants seemed to have meat. But at that moment I realized I had to stop take in animal based products and start to eat alive food, like those in a plant based diet. I did this for a few months and checked my blood again. My CD4 levels almost doubled, my cholesterol went down to just 2. And I had so much energy, my skin looked better, my body started to tone up. And my family started to see my results as well, so now my father and stepmother have incorporated a partly plant based diet as well. 
  1. Move, exercise, go outside! What you don’t use, you lose! When you walk and exercise during the day you use your body. You get stronger bones, your skin tightens. And if you do it outside, you get some vitamin D!
  2. I could go on and on, get enough rest, avoid alcohol & drugs, meditate, avoid processed shit. But just do the common sense test: is this healthy for me? And you will get an answer from your body. 

That was it for this week’s podcast, I hope that you learned something and gained insights to help you heal yourself quickly. 

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