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Last week I went on a trip to Eastern Europe and I visited the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. In Poland I went to the Auswitz Camp. 

For those of you who don’t know Auswitz, this camp was created in some old bunkers by the Germans to kill over 1,400,000 people. 

It was absolutely horrible what happened there. But because of what happened there, the people on Europe said: no more. It served a purpose. 

When I walked there with my tour guide, I realised that I don’t have any problems in my life. It put my life into perspective. These people had to give everything they had away and then they were gassed and burned. Their dead bodies were used as fertiliser on the grounds at Auswitz. 

Maybe it is time to put your life in perspective as wel. Get away from that entitlement mentality that a lot of people have. 

You are entitled to absolutely nothing. There is no such thing as someone dedicating their life to yours. 

And you don’t have problems as well: at least not problems that aren’t solvable. 

Don’t have money: work! Start a business! Create a product or program, start a blog. 

Are you fat? Change your diet. Get off the couch. Drink more water. Stop drinking sugar. 

Are you single and lonely? Go out and meet people! Download Tinder. Play sport, go travel 

Feeling stupid? Buy one of my courses. Go to a seminar. Go to a museum. 

Are you sick? Change your life, stop smoking, quit drugs, 

You don’t have any problems. 

You know, just for fun I like to hear from you! What is a problem you think you have? And what are you going to do about it? Please let me know in the comments below… 

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