Usually an 'About Me' page is all about the person and what they do. But I think it is more important to address why I do what I do and how I can help you.

When I grew up my mother started to become suicidal. One night she committed suicide at home. She took many bottles of medication and locked herself in her room. When the ambulance personnel came I saw her lying on the gurney halfdead. Her face looked horrible and she was sending me a message: that life is not worth living and that it is better to just end it. As a kid I couldn't really understand why she would "say" that to me. 

In that moment I made the decision to make my own rules and to commit to creating a life of independence and freedom. However, I was anything but independent: I needed my family for clothing, food and accommodation. I quickly learned that money is the most important thing I needed if I ever wanted to live by my own rules. 

I started to work like crazy, after school and in the weekends. I even wrote homework and assignments for some of my classmates to make some extra cash. Every penny I earned I brought to the bank and saved. By the age of 18 that enabled me to move to the other side of the world to Australia and to start 'fresh' and make my own rules. I had my own place to live in and could do whatever I wanted to do! I studied hard and worked hard. I climbed up the career ladder to eventually become CFO in the last year of my studies. I had "made it!" 

However, that same year I got the diagnosis that I had HIV. This forced me to leave Australia and to start from zero in a new place. I learned a big lesson: that in order to be independent there are other important factors as well, such as health, mindset, meaningful connections and personal growth.

In that moment of having to start all over again my life turned upside down. I became depressed, addicted to drugs and sex and sink deeper and deeper. I felt that I had "lost" at the game of life.

However, step by step I found a way to reconcile my past and to start valuing myself and life again. I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal development. I went to every seminar possible on the topics that I felt I needed to know about to heal and move forward. I had countless coaches, read hundreds of books and took hundreds of courses on everything self-improvement. This took me nearly a decade and I'm still on this healing journey.

This is my mission and why I do what I do. 

My main focus is to help people like you master their finances: because without money you will not survive long on this planet! You won't be able to pay rent, to buy food, to get clothing, to travel, to entertain or to go out. Or in my case, I wouldn’t be able to invest so much money in my personal growth journey and to heal my trauma and depression. 

My mission also includes helping people create a meaningful life of independence and freedom. And I don't mean this as in sitting on your ass all day and doing nothing! Quite the opposite: to be independent of your situation and listen to your inner self: to create something you really love and give your life a deep sense of meaning and fulfilment. 

I could have easily given up and kill myself when I got my diagnosis: but I am independent of HIV. I choose to give it an empowering meaning: a wake-up call to do more, be more and have more in my life. 

This is the real "About me" and why I do what I do. If you resonate with me, great! Let's connect and see how I can help you on journey. And if you don't resonate that's fine as well: but I urge you to find someone you resonate with that can help you to empower all areas of your life and to help you live by your own rules. 


I'm looking forward to connect with you and help you. 


Love and wisdom,