“I help people to live life on THEIR terms!”

As a child I had a pretty good life… Until my mother started to become suicidal. At that moment everything changed. Little did I know that this catapulted my life and career into personal growth. I realised that a lot of issues that I dealt with were not being taught or solved at school. It was kind of taboo to talk a lot of these issues that I was struggling with, such as money issues, having a mother who is suicidal and later in life at the age of 24, contracting HIV in Australia, which lead to being rejected my application for permanent residency and subsequent drug use.

I was at the deepest low that one could possibly go: nearly dead from an overdose. In that moment I had to make a decision: I either take my next shot of drugs and die, or I start to love myself fully and completely, quit the drugs and get myself sorted. I chose the latter.

This void of wisdom (while having the formal education and degrees) drove my value and search for knowledge and answers to my problems. I spend years travelling around the world acquiring wisdom, while also assisting others find their own solutions.

My vision is to share my love and wisdom around the world, which helps people to truly live their full potential, on their terms!

Instead of teaching just one approach, I use cross-disciplinary research and ideas that are balanced and can truly make a difference in someone’s life’s instead of just a high “fix” followed by a “crash”, which many guru’s out there teach.

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