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About Bart Milatz

This is supposed to be a paragraph trying to impress you by showing you my credentials and media features... 

The truth is, I'm just an ordinary person like yourself! After graduating university I realised that I never learned about money and personal finance: 

I was in debt, living paycheque to paycheque and drinking away on the weekend. And I studied business, finance and accounting for heaven's sake! 

I went on a journey to figure out how to become a master of money rather than be its slave for the rest  of my life. I spend more than a decade and over $300,000 on personal development to help myself and others find answers. 

I'm a qualified accountant, lived on 4 continents and studied with the best of the best money masters around the world. 

In my free time I like running, travelling, being in nature, spa days and learning.

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