Welcome to a new article and also an episode of Bart TV about the benefits of combining goals.

  • Have you ever set a goal?
  • Have you ever set more than one goal?
  • Often when people set goals, they set more than just one goal.

However, they look at each goal as being separate from the other. This is not necessary! When you set multiple goals and start to take action on these goals, it doesn’t mean that you have to work 1 hour on the first goal, 1 hour on the second goal, 2 hours on the third goal, etc.

You can combine actions that will help you to work on multiple goals at the same time.

Lets say that you have these goals –

  • To get a sixpack body
  • Saving $50 a day
  • To read 1 book a week
  • Connecting with my friends on a deeper level
  • To expand my network

You can ask yourself:

What action can I do that will allow me to work on 2 or 3 of these goals?

When you ask yourself quality questions, you will get quality answers! Such as:

  • Listen to an audio book while running (to “read” one book a week and get a sixpack)
  • Talk to one person at the gym (to expand your network and to get a sixpack)
  • Cook with friends (to save money and to connect)
  • Go rock climbing with a friend (to get a sixpack and to connect)
  • Go on a 3-day fast with your friend(to save money, to get a sixpack and to connect)

Think in terms of AND instead of OR. It will help you to become more efficient, it is more fun and helps you to achieve more of your goals in a shorter amount of time. The possibilities of combining goals are endless. The limit is your creativity!

I would love to hear from you! What are some actions that you can take to achieve multiple goals you have with the same action? Leave your comment below!

Love & Wisdom,



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