“The world is a reflection of yourself. That which you react to most strongly in others is also in yourself. You are just unable or unwilling to detect it in yourself. In that way the ‘worst’ people in your life are your greatest teachers.”

What is it that you react to most strongly in others? Is it their dishonesty? Is it their unawareness? It is their way of thinking? Is it their need to be right?

Whatever you react to strongly in others is also in you. However, it is completely impersonal. It is just another form of ego that first of all wants to define the other and then wants to define you. Your reaction has nothing to do with you or the other person!

So what can you do about it?

  1. Simply become aware of the feeling you get from the reaction. See it as separate and don’t identify with it personally.
  2. Don’t fight it. Whatever you resist persist. Whatever you fight gets stronger. And when you do so, YOU become similar to that what you are fighting against and want to avoid!

World Reflection