Welcome to day 4!

Personal growth and healing has always been important to me. As you can see on this picture I started reading books and listening to audio programs from a young age (sometimes all night!), reading all of the school’s encyclopaedias and writing a long essay on the universe by the time I was 12.

But my true healing journey began when I was 16 years young and saw my mother committing suicide at home. In that moment when I saw her I felt so hopeless of not being able to help her and angry with doctors and so called ‘professionals’ for not being able to help her after years of their therapy and putting her on destructive drugs.

In that moment I decided to dedicate my life to finding a solution to help my mother heal as well as other people.

I started to consume even more books and tapes, I moved to the other side of the world looking for answers. But then one day I received a life-threatening diagnosis of having HIV. This solidified my purpose of finding solutions for healing even more. I started going to seminar after seminar, I had coach after coach.

If you remember from yesterday: I was seeking my purpose outside of myself, where my purpose was right in front of me! I just couldn’t see it.

At first life was throwing me feathers, then it became bricks! My life-threatening diagnosis was the truck crashing into my life with the big letters: THIS IS YOUR PURPOSE! On it.

And guess what: I still couldn’t see it! I became depressed after my diagnosis as many friends left me, I felt rejected by the gay community and Australia didn’t renew my visa as they discriminate against people with HIV. I had to find a new country to live in on a few days notice. I attracted junkies in my life and started to use drugs and sank deeper and deeper. Until one day I nearly died after a weekend being high on drugs.

I had to make a choice: either I continued doing drugs and I would die, or I chose to heal my pains and get back on my purpose.

Thank God I chose the second option! It was a really tough road and I’m still learning and healing. But I learned some important life lessons and can now say with 100% certainty that my purpose is to help other people heal and to create a meaningful life of love, joy and freedom.

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