Back in Feb 2020, right before the global lockdown I was travelling to the beautiful country of Taiwan. My life was a bit of a mess back than. I was often angry at the world; with my unfair manager, with the people I met and the dates I went on, but frankly I was mostly upset and disappointed in myself for the place I was in.
After this trip to Taiwan I had to fly back to London, to go back to my 9-5 job. Coming back to work that Monday, everything was the same. I was so upset with my manager, who was the only person allowed to “work” from home, whilst getting paid a lot more than most of us.
I’ve had it. That Monday I handed in my resignation. I decided I’m going to leave the UK and move to Taiwan, where I thought things will be better. I called the landlord to cancel my apartment.
Next month I would make the move. At work I said that I want to leave on good terms. I will leave whenever the next person is fully trained and can do my job. That statement probably saved my life, because no one had any idea what the world was getting into.
The next week governments started a global lockdown. Flights were cancelled: businesses had to stay closed: people lost their jobs or were furloughed. The world started to panic and so did I.
I knew that I couldn’t make the move to Taiwan anymore. I asked my boss if I can stay with the company, which would be a win-win as it’s very hard to train someone when no one was allowed to work from home before, apart from the manager. Luckily this was possible.
However, over the next few weeks I became more and more upset. I was watching video after video about vaccines, Bill Gates, governments closing and destroying business without proper compensation, people losing their jobs, China taking over Hong Kong illegally and so much more.
I was in such an angry place and I became more and more negative by the day. How come a country like Taiwan had only a few cases? They offered their help to the WHO and other countries, but China bullied them into silence. I was repeating these negative stories in my head and kept seeing them on social media.
But one day I realised that these negative thoughts weren’t going to change my life. It was costing me so much energy and life force, I had to stop it. I thought by myself: “What do I want my story to be 20 years from now?” When someone asks me then: what did you do during Corona? What do I want my answer to be?
I started to think more constructive. I stopped taking on all the negativity from the news and the outside world. I used social media less and started to go within myself and take charge of how I feel. I went back to work and give it my 100% plus more: I went above and beyond and focusing on adding value to the company rather than just focusing on myself. I started to truly love myself and to look after myself. I started to like my job more and more.
Within a short few months my life has changed for the better, that I would probably not be able to do if it weren’t for Corona.
Love: Shortly after I truly loved myself I met the love of my life. We live together now here in Crystal Palace. I feel the luckiest man alive to be with him every day.
Work: Within a month of the lockdown my angry and autocratic boss left. The workplace whilst now from home improved a lot. I also got 3 payrises in a 6-month period. I feel happier with my new manager and get rewarded for what I do more fairly. I didn’t even ask for the payrises, but got them as my manager said that I “go above and beyond” of my tasks and deserve it.
Health: I started working out from home and signed up to Better Gym when they were allowed to reopen. I lost 5kg and went from 24% bodyfat (skinnyfat) to 18% bodyfat now. I started to commit to a plant-based lifestyle and have more energy than ever before.
Education: I used 6 months to study for 4 accounting exams which were last month, which allowed me to be qualified. What I learned helps me to help more people.
Money: I significantly increased my income and created two more streams of semi-passive income. I started to invest in high quality companies that serve people while paying more than just 1% interest from the bank.
Look: I know that these times can be tough for you and your family. It can be painful to lose your job, to watch the news and to be restricted in your life by all these rules and government. Luckily I didn’t get laid off/furloughed this time, but I know many friends who have. I also lost my job three times before and at one point didn’t have work for more than a year. It sucks and I truly feel for you.
But why not use this as an opportunity to make change in your life? Go within and ask this question: “What do I want my Corona-story to be 20 years from now”? What am I going to tell my family or kids when they are going to ask me about 2020? Is my story going to inspire them or despair them? Is there a course you can do to get qualified in your field? Start your own (side)-business? Start journalling or write a book?
Hope this article gives you a bit of positivity during these tough times!
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